Cornell & Ithaca pictures

Here are some pictures I took when I went around Cornell and Ithaca in 1997, during a beautiful Indian summer.

Here is an index into all of the 21 pictures.

  1. The stature of  Andrew White.
  2. The stature of Ezra Cornell.
  3. White Hall, former mathematics department.
  4. Gorge.
  5. A view of some part of Ithaca.
  6. Cayuga Lake.
  7. McGraw tower.
  8. Sage Chapel.
  9. The undergraduate dorms.
  10. The Big Red Barn.
  11. Engineering quadrangle: Big picture of Rhodes Hall.
  12. Rhodes Hall from one side.
  13. Rhodes Hall from the other side.
  14. Here is a nice picture using the mirror effect.
  15. The other side of  Upson Hall.
  16. A view out of my office.
  17. The house.
  18. The apartment.
  19. At the process of making Semmelknödel.
  20. Nice guys before first bite.
  21. Nice guys after first bite.

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Marc Pfetsch updated: 12/07/2006