SDP-Package for SCIP

Version 1.0 - July 2012

For the current version of SCIP-SDP please visit the new website.

The SCIP-SDP-Package is a plug-in for the Software SCIP. It is able to solve Mixed-Integer SDPs using the interior-point solver DSDP and SCIP as a branch and bound framework. It provides a lot of data handling, some presolve routines and an linear approximation procedure for MISDPs. Two examples for mixed-integer semidefinite programs are arising from truss topology design and maximum cut problems on graphs. We tested our code on a lot of instances, most of them are trusses or max-cuts.

This software is developed at TU Darmstadt and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.


Download the whole source code of the package:

Before installing our package you have to install DSDP and SCIP. Installation instructions for our code: install.txt.

The file format in which SDPs are given is the sdpa-format. We extended it for MISDPs: data_format.txt. Here is an example.

A detailled description of the code and the features: preprint.pdf. Please cite this preprint if you use our code for your research.


Sonja Mars

Lars Schewe

Important Links:

DSDP 5.8


Future Development:

Currently we are working on an interface to the Augmented-Lagrange-Solver PENSDP. Additionally we are in contact with the SCIP developers for extending the possibilities to use SCIP-Features, such as branching rules and heuristics.


We would like to thank the following people and organisations for a lot of support and discussions:

Alexander Martin
Marc Pfetsch
Anne Philipp
Jakob Schelbert
Michael Stingl

SFB 805