• Apr 2017: Fifth developer meeting in Darmstadt
  • Mar 2017: DOpElib developer version is now available via git
  • Jan 2016: Release of DOpElib 3.0
  • Dec 2014: Fourth developer meeting in Linz
  • Oct 2014: Release of DOpElib 2.0
  • Jul 2014: Presentation at PDESoft 2014
  • Dec 2013: Release of DopElib 1.0
  • May 2013: Public talk at HGS/IWR Heidelberg
  • May 2013: Third user meeting in Heidelberg
  • May 2012: Second user meeting in Heidelberg
  • Jan 2012: First user meeting in Hamburg
  • Aug 2010: Presentation of the concept and first results at the deal.II workshop in Heidelberg
  • May 2009: Start of the project


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