We povide the following tar-ball, containing DOpElib

  • DOpElib 3.0 tar.gz (2016-01-25)
  • DOpElib 2.0 tar.gz (2014-10-24)
  • DOpElib 1.0 tar.gz (2013-12-06)

The archive contains the complete manual, it can be obtained separately here

Developer Version

If you would like to access the most recent development version with the newest features and bugs of DOpElib it can be obtained via git

git clone git://

if you would like to contribute your own features to DOpElib, you can contact us.

Citing DOpElib

If you like our software, and use it for a publication please remember to give credits to its authors by citing

 Title                    = {{DOpElib}: {D}ifferential Equations and Optimization Environment;
       {A} Goal Oriented Software Library for Solving PDEs and Optimization Problems with PDEs},
  Author                   = {C. Goll and T. Wick and W. Wollner},
  Journal                  = {Archive of Numerical Software},
  Year                     = {2017},
  Number                   = {2},
  Pages                    = {1--14},
  Volume                   = {5},
  Doi                      = {10.11588/ans.2017.2.11815}

In addition, please remember to reference the finite elements provided by deal.II.